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Albino mice maintained by Bagg were transferred to McDowell and Snell and named “BALB,” after “Bagg’s albinos.” Many sublines were produced from BALB/c mice maintained by Snell. BALB/cA mice were introduced with BALB/cA-nu from Dr. C. W. Friis (Denmark) to the Central Institute for Experimental Animals in 1973, and BALB/cA mice at F?+21 were later introduced to CLEA Japan, Inc., in 1989. In addition, BALB/c mice were brought to Bailey (BALB/cBy) and were introduced to the Jackson Laboratory in 1974 (BALB/cByJ). BALB/cByJ mice at F156 were introduced from the Jackson Laboratory to CLEA Japan, Inc. in 1986, and production was then started.

[History of cryopreservation]
 BALB/cAJcl:Not applicable
 BALB/cByJJcl:F166(F156+10), frozen in October 1991

[Generation number as of August 2002]



These mice are albinos (AA bb cc DD) with relatively low frequencies of various spontaneously appearing tumors. The mice exhibit white spots arising from calcification in the cardiac tissue. BALB/cByJ is the most frequently used subline in Europe.



These mice are used in the field of immunity and monoclonal antibody research, screening, etc.


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