Comparison of High Fat Diet 32 and Quick Fat for Diet-Induced Obesity (DIO) Mouse Production

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CLEA Japan sells two types of high-fat diets for mouse and rat: High Fat Diet 32 (HFD32) and Quick Fat, which is used for research on diabetes and obesity. We compared the two diets.

Making high-fat diets for mice and rats has been difficult in the past. When vegetable oils were used at 20% or more, the diet would not solidify and would become powder, making it difficult to manufacture.

CLEA Japan addressed this issue and succeeded in developing a solid high-fat diet "High Fat Diet32 (HFD32)" containing 32% fat (a mixture of both animal and vegetable oils).

On the other hand, Quick Fat (QF) is a high-calorie solid diet containing high-fat animal fat and added sugar. It was developed for type 2 diabetes model animals but is also suitable for obesity research.

We compared HFD32 and QF with the standard diet CE-2, and we collected data on body weight, feeding and drinking, and blood glucose levels. Please use our high-fat diets for diabetes and obesity research as a tool for producing diet-induced obese (DIO) animals.

Ingredients of each diets

High Fat Diet 32

Quick Fat

CE-2 (in 100g)

General composition values of each diets

High Fat Diet 32 (in 100g)

Quick Fat (in 100g)

CE-2 (in 100g)

  • *1: Calories are calculated by multiplying crude protein: 4, crude fat: 9, and soluble nitrogen-free substances (NFE): 4.
  • *2: Calculated from average value

Body weight

Food intake

Water intake

Blood glucose

Contracted service for the supply of diet-induced obese (DIO) mice

CLEA Japan provides a service to produce diet-induced obese (DIO) mice for diabetes and obesity research. The service can be tailored to the needs of the customer. Options include services such as feeding, weight measurement, blood glucose measurement, drug administration, and blood sampling.


For HFD32

How long does it take to deliver?
CLEA Japan has both RI30kGy irradiated and non-irradiated products in stock, and we can provide them just like general diet. Once we receive your order, we will ship them directly by cold courier (frozen).

Is it possible to mix drugs?
In principle, we can manufacture special feed by contract manufacturing. For details, please contact us through the inquiry form or email us at [email protected]

Can I purchase the powdered type?
Yes, you can purchase the powdered type. However, please note that it may form clumps due to the high fat content, unlike ordinary powdered feed. We can ship it in an unformed state.

Is high-pressure steam sterilization possible?
We do not recommend high-pressure steam sterilization because it can cause fat melting. We recommend purchasing RI30kGy irradiated products.

Is it okay to store at room temperature?
No, it is not okay to store at room temperature. The fat will melt, so please store in the freezer. We recommend storing below -4℃. Please warm it back to room temperature before feeding.

Do you have any data on feeding amounts?
According to our in-house data collection results, the average feeding amount for C57BL/6JJcl mice aged 5 to 20 weeks is 2.3 g/mouse/day, and the average feeding amount for KK-Ay mice aged 5 to 12 weeks is 4.7 g/mouse/day. However, we recommend replacing the feed within 2 days of feeding, as the oil tends to oxidize quickly. Also, be aware that it is fragile at room temperature, so there is a lot of loss, such as animals not consuming it and it is falling out of the feeding box. We recommend ordering with a surplus of about 2 times as usual.

What is the unit of sale?
The unit of sale is a box of 3kg (6 bags of 500g each).

Do you have a control diet?
Yes, we have a control diet called LFD (low-fat feed). It is considered a special diet, so it will take about 1 to 1.5 months to deliver.

For Quick Fat

What is the minimum order quantity?
The minimum order quantity is 10kg per box.

Is it possible to store Quick Fat at room temperature?
Yes, Quick Fat can be stored at room temperature unopened. However, please avoid high temperatures and humidity. Please use it as soon as possible after opening.

Do you accept requests for irradiation sterilization for Quick Fat?
Yes, we can provide Quick Fat that has been irradiated sterilized. Please contact us for more information.

HFD32 has many restrictions, such as the need to be frozen and replaced every two days. Are there any restrictions for Quick Fat?
No, there are no restrictions. It can be handled in the same way as CE-2.

High Fat Diet 32 and Quick Fat both cause weight gain and diabetes. Which one is more effective?
In C57BL/6 mice and KK-Ay mice, HFD32 is more effective.



10 April 24