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R. W. Dawley at the University of Wisconsin (USA) established a rat strain that served as the basis for the SD strain by breeding large Hooded male rats and cross-bred female albino rats of Wistar origin. The rat strain was named Sprague Dawley after the developer Dawley and his wife's maiden name, Sprague. This strain was introduced from Charles River (USA) to CLEA Japan, Inc., and its supply was started. Since then, the name of the strain has been changed as follows.
SD-JCL (beginning of supply to 1971)
JCL:SD (1972 to 1980); Changed according to an agreement with the Japanese Society for Laboratory Animal Resources
Jcl:SD (1981 to date); Changed according to the International Registry



Rats of this strain are large and gentle albinos.



The Jcl:SD rat is a general-purpose model used for studies in a wide range of fields including safety testing, pharmacology, toxicity, biochemistry, and nutrition.


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