Assured Quality with Reliable Delivery Conditions: Provision of Laboratory Animals in Southeast Asia – Introduction of NSI and MCBC Sales

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CLEA Japan, Inc. deliver animals of SPF quality and sufficient quality to meet cutting-edge testing needs. For obtaining high-quality laboratory animals in Southeast Asia and India, please consider placing orders through NSI and MCBC.

For ordering laboratory animals from CLEA Japan, we recommend the use of NSI and MCBC-produced animals from Thailand. During the shipment process, strict checks are conducted on the number and condition of the animals, transportation arrangements, reliable packaging, document preparation, and other factors. We assure you that you can place your order with confidence.

CLEA Japan will focus on sales in Southeast Asia and India in the future. They have established the agency NSI in Thailand, which serves as the central hub. Additionally, for high-demand animal species, they have commenced animal production at the adjacent facility, MCBC, located near Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

We have implemented effective measures to address common issues in the import animal ordering process for Southeast Asia, such as insufficient preparation of the number of animals, transportation of non-compliant animals, lack of timely communication with responsible personnel, delays in necessary communications, and inaccuracies in order requests. If you require any animals that our company handles, please consider placing your order with us.

We always secure a surplus of around 10% of animals to ensure a reliable delivery of the ordered quantity.

The most troublesome situation would be to receive a message just before the delivery date stating, "Due to various reasons, we were unable to prepare a sufficient number of animals." However, from the production side, there are challenges in consistently preparing animals in good health and condition due to factors such as sudden deaths, accidental deaths, and other various risks.

CLEA Japan and MCBC meticulously calculate the average rate of genetic abnormalities, sudden death rate, accident rate, and other factors for each lineage. To ensure almost certain delivery even in the event of accidents, they always secure a surplus of animals (over 10%).

Strict rules regarding the shipment of unfit animals are enforced (weight measurement is free of charge).

At NSI and the production facility MCBC, we identify and exclude animals unfit for shipment based on the following rules. We make every effort to exclude individuals showing significant issues during testing usage, as manifested by the following characteristics, from the basic shipping targets.

Item: Findings

Male and female:
When using cages of the same type,please pay special attention and thoroughly check.

Stunted growth and obesity.

Tail docking (depending on the strain), tail kink, ringtail, and tail tip abnormalities.

Abnormal urethral opening, external genitalia abnormalities (vaginal occlusion, etc.), and anal soiling (diarrhea, soft stools).

Cataracts, eyelid closure, exophthalmos (protruding eyeball), asymmetry between the left and right eyeballs, red tears, eye discharge.

Forelimb / Hind legs:
Digit deficiency (trauma-related), clubfoot, varus foot (inward bending of the foot), polydactyly.

Hair loss, hair removal by touch, yellowing (staining/dirt), bristle hair (abnormal color), coarse hair.

Trauma, abscess, keratosis.

Debilitation, rolling (torticollis), aggression, and other abnormalities (uncommon ones not typically observed).

Before transportation, the condition of the transport crate is checked, and documents and labels are verified.

At CLEA Japan and MCBC, just before transportation, we conduct a recheck of the transport crate's interior and animal condition. We also verify them against the documents and box labels. If any discrepancies arise, immediate corrections, issuances, and attachments are made. Stringent measures are taken to ensure that there are no mismatches between the order details and the transported animals and documents.

▼ sample label

Project handling through team management: Able to respond during Thai business hours.

Currently, NSI has 4 staff members stationed for customer support. Our business hours are from 9:00 to 17:30 Thai time, strategically positioned at the heart of Southeast Asia. We can provide support in English and Thai, and we can easily handle urgent incidents that may become challenging due to time zone differences, including phone communication.

Our aim is to provide the first response to emails within approximately 24 business hours. For inquiries that require communication with external parties (such as import animal costs, detailed data, technical information, and airfreight schedules), we have established a system to ensure that our team can respond within the target timeframe. We make every effort to avoid delays in communication due to staff absences.

Order to Delivery of products

NSI will oversee sales and delivery arrangements to deliver close to your request schedule and certainty that is more flexible than importing. In Thai-speaking, you can contact us using the ways below.

  1. 1. Contract us by inquiry form of this website.
  2. 2. Have a meeting with NSI sales representative. Please let us know the following.
    • - Preferred animal strain/type
    • - Number of animals, Male_ Female_
    • - Week of age
    • - Date of delivery
    • - Place of delivery (Detailed as needed)
  3. 3. Arrange delivery schedule by NSI.
  4. 4. Prepare animals as arranged schedule.
  5. 5. We will ship animal from MCBC.
  6. 6. Delivery completed
    • Two sizes of boxes can be chosen. These can safely transport animals with SPF condition.
  7. 7. Payment
    • Pay by wire transfer to the designate account.



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