CLEA Rodent Diet CE-2 (for rearing and breeding)

Diet CE-2


This diet is a GLP-compliant, standard rodent diet consisting mainly of vegetable protein (soybean waste) with a proper balance of animal protein. This diet is also used for the production and rearing of BS animals in our company.



Protein source soybean waste, whitefish meal, yeast
Fat source cereal germ, soybean oil
Fiber source wheat bran, defatted rice bran, alfalfa meal
Carbohydrate source wheat flour, corn, Milo
Vitamins Vit. A, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, choline chloride, inositol
Minerals calcium carbonate, salt, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, cobalt sulfate, calcium iodate



Nutrient components and calories (in 100 g) (All production lots analyzed) Moisture (%) 8.9
Crude protein (%) 24.9
Crude fat (%) 4.6
Crude fiber (%) 4.1
Crude ash (%) 6.6
NFE (%)*1 51.0
Energy (kcal)*1,2 344.9
Hardness (kg/cm2) 25.8
*1Calculated from mean values. *2Calculated by multiplying crude protein (4), crude fat (9), and NFE (4).


Minerals (in 100 g) (All production lots analyzed for Ca and P. Other minerals subjected to semiannual analyses) Ca (g) 1.06
P (g) 0.99
Mg (g) 0.34
K (g) 1.02
Mn (mg) 9.96
Fe (mg) 30.64
Cu (mg) 0.71
Zn (mg) 5.45
Na (g) 0.31
Ca/P*1 1.07
Ca/Mg*1 3.12
K/Na*1 3.29
*1Calculated from mean values.


Vitamin (in 100g) (Semiannual analyses)
Retinol (mg) 0.6
Vitamin B1 (mg) 2.0
Vitamin B2 (mg) 1.3
Vitamin B6 (mg) 1.4
Vitamin B12 (μg) 5.6
Total vitamin C (mg) 25
Vitamin D3 (IU)  205
Vitamin E (mg) 8.5
Pantothenic acid (mg) 3.0
Niacin (mg) 18.9
Folic acid (mg) 0.2
Choline (g) 0.18
Biotin (μg) 45.9
Inositol (mg) 644