We provides SPF animals from CLEA Japan, Inc. We conduct regular microbiologic monitoring, provide a safe and reliable mode of animal transportation. We are introducing various disease models, including immunodeficiency models, diabetes models, and genetically modified animals.



We are offering 15 different types of diet. These diets are supplied under careful regulation of the acquisition of raw materials, formulation,production,product tests, storage, and shipping.



We provide various type of cage & equipment for more convenience and quality control.



We have laboratory service for testing in microbe and ready to supports soon.

Nomura Siam International - Total Support for Animal Research

Nomura Siam International Co., Ltd. is the distributor of CLEA Japan, Inc. and M-CLEA Bioresource Co., Ltd., Thailand. Our mission is to provide comprehensive laboratory animal sciences: from laboratory animals, diet, bedding, to any other equipment or services used in animal breeding and research.

NSI will support you extensively to bring out the best results for your research

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Laboratory Animals


Cages, Bottles, Feeders, etc.

Experimental and Handling Devices and Disinfectants

Bracket, Running Water Flushing and Auto Scraper Units

Cage washer, Autoclaves, Waste Water Treatment system and Inhalation Experiment system

Clean Air System and Biohazard Containment System

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